Since 2010, Solazone has been installing
solar systems all over the Philippines  

Now, in 2023 -
we're still focused on giving great service.


Solazone Can help you with:

Any solar project, from first design to installation & commissioning.

Replacement parts, solar panels, inverters, batteries, controllers, LED lights, and more.

Upgrades, repairs & replacements to get old systems working again.

8 years of installing in the Philippines, backed by 35 years experience in Australia, since 1983.

Solar power and lighting, kits to install yourself, or for everyone in a village. 

Reliable back-up telephone assistance; we are here to help.

Installing anywhere in the Philippines, with well-trained, experienced installers.

Other branches in Australia, and India.

Solazone shop in Davao: (082) 315 4858

Cell phone: 09673567456

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